Our team of master technicians are factory trained and certified. Whether it's regularly scheduled maintenance, a full customization, or a tire/oil change, our technicians will get the job done skillfully and professionally. Our service departments have a combined total of more than 450 years of service experience.

FAST PICK-UP & DELIVERY - We can pick-up and/or deliver your motorcycle, ATV, or side-by-side for much less than a towing service, saving you time and money.  Contact the Service Department for price. 

GREEN LANE SERVICE - Just let us know you're coming!

We offer what no other shop in the DC area can: fast service! If you need maintenance work—you know, tires replaced, oil, fluids, and filter changes, brake work, or other routine service items—we're your shop!

We can handle most walk-ins by the end of a business day, or if you like having a fixed appointment time, we can do that too!


Night drop service is available for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. Just secure your vehicle in our parking lot, complete our night drop envelope, enclose the keys and drop through the secure slot.

Discounted Tires PLUS Discounted installation!

We don’t just Sell Tires at LOW LOW PRICES, We install them too! Call us TODAY!

DYNO Dyno Runs, Custom Mapping, Performance Tuning

We have the training and equipment to properly tune your bike for optimum power and performance. Availabile at our Woodbridge location.


Performance Reflash enhances the experience in every ride. Offering more power by eliminating factory restrictions, optimizing fuel, ignition & throttle mapping, increasing rev limit, and removing the top speed limiter. While delivering better response and control through eliminating the factory fuel cut off and optimizing the off throttle deceleration mapping. This reduces engine braking and delivers smoother more predictable on/off throttle transitions. Availabile at our Woodbridge location.


Increases Safety, Improves Performance, Saves Time, Money and Tires. Availabile at our Woodbridge location.


Let us keep your bike safe and sound this winter. Safe & secure, climate controlled on-site storage ensures your motorcycle will start and be ready to ride when spring arrives. Available at our Falls Church location.

Did you buy your unit somewhere else?

No worries, we'll show you why we're way better than them—it's all about the service! Obviously, CPS VIP customers get priority treatment, but we will honor valid factory warranties and service contracts ("extended warranties") sold by other dealers. Just show us your contract papers and we'll do our best to get you covered!

Use the online service request form to let us know your needs, and we'll confirm your visit in minutes!

Or direct dial our Service Department: Falls Church: 703-237-3402 | Woodbridge: 703-497-1502

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Why Motorcycle Maintenance Is Important...

The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true when your talking about motorcycle maintenance and maintaining mechanical systems. Since your motorcycle is not self-healing and will not fix itself, it is up to you to ensure that it gets the proper care.

The following are the basics of motorcycle maintenance



Good motorcycle maintenance means a safe machine. A careful check of certain parts and systems must be made after periods of storage and frequently between the regular service intervals to determine if additional motorcycle maintenance is necessary
The following items should be checked regularly (and especially after the bike has been sitting for a while):

1. Tires-for correct pressure, abrasions or cuts.

2. Drive belt and/or chain-for proper tension.

3. Brakes, steering and throttle-for responsiveness.

4. Brake fluid-for level and condition.

5. Hydraulic lines and fittings-for leaks

6. Brake pads and discs-for excessive or disproportionate wear.

7. Cables-for fraying or crimping and free operation.

8. Engine and transmission lube for proper levels

9. Wheel spokes-for tightness.

10. Headlamp, tail lamp, brake lamp and directional lamps-for proper operation.

Accessory Installation

Make an appointment with our service department today. Choose accessories to install on your favorite ride, including:

-Plow kits
-Skid plates
-Heated grips
-Hand guards

Battery Inspection

Are you using the correct battery? Is it too old? Is it working properly? If you have questions about your battery, bring it in and let us do an inspection.

Break-In Service

Whether its new, used, or just been sitting for a while, bring your ATV, UTV, dirt bike, or street bike in for a break in service. We'll replenish the fluids, check to make sure everything is working properly and get your vehicle running smooth.

Chain and Sprocket Services

- Chain Adjustment
- Chain and Sprocket Installation
- Chain and Sprocket Adjustment

Proper chain tension is vital to drive-component longevity and peak performance. A chain adjustment ensures your chain is not too tight, which puts strain on your wheel and drive shaft, or not too loose, causing unneeded wear to your sprocket and gear.

Your chain and sprockets are constantly exposed to extreme conditions. Due to wear and tear, all chains and sprockets need to be replaced eventually. It’s always a good idea to replace your chains and sprockets at the same time. You’ll notice a difference in the way your vehicle runs, shifts, and sounds.

Emergency Pick-Up

If your vehicle breaks down, we'll be there for you with our Emergency Pick-Up anywhere within our service area.

Full Engine Rebuild

A full engine rebuild enhances your machine’s performance. We disassemble the engine down to the bare block and rebuild it with all new components. A full rebuild includes new parts, such as gaskets, oil pumps, timing chains, gears, and belts. You’ll get remachined valves, valve seats, and crankshafts, as well as a new air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, water pump, and all the power of a rebuilt engine.

Home or Work Delivery

With our Home or Work Delivery, we can drop off your vehicle anywhere within our service area so its more convenient for you.

Hydraulic Line Flush

Purge contaminated fluid with a hydraulic system flush. Regular system maintenance removes contaminants and deposits and helps extend your vehicle’s life.

Oil and Filter Change

Protect your investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly with regular oil changes as specified by your manufacturer. Oil lubricates, cools, and cleans your engine. Changing the oil filter is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your ride running smooth.

Pre-Season Inspection

Improve the overall operation and performance of your machine for the upcoming season. Pre-season inspection includes a fuel system, engine, oil, exhaust, and battery check. Your vehicle will leave in peak performance operation with a clean air filter and everything it needs for the season.

Radiator Flush and Fluid

Promote long engine life with a cooling system flush and fill. Even in moderate climate conditions, heat and cold are hard on your engine. Clean fluid ensures that your radiator operates at optimal efficiency. It keeps your engine block at normal operating temperatures, and it lubricates expensive engine seals. Flushing the radiator prevents corrosion and costly repairs.

Recall Inspection

Is there a recall on your motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV or UTV? Not sure if good or bar? Bring your bike or off road vehicle to us and we'll do a recall inspection to make sure the part is safe, and replace it if we need to.

Scheduled Pick Up

Schedule your pick after your motorcycle or off road vehicle has been serviced. You're able to get in and get out with no time wasted.

Shaft Drive Fluid Change

Shaft drive fluid changes are quick and keep your bike or ATV running at top performance. Stop in today.

State Inspection

We’ll inspect your vehicle annually or semi-annually for safety and emissions. If your vehicle is not up to state standards, we’ll let you know which items need service, and we’ll fix and upgrade your vehicle right in our shop.


Protect your sled as it sits through the summer. Come into our shop and summerize your sled. We will add fuel stabilizer to your gas tank, fog the inside of your engine, spray metal protector on your metal engine components, grease your suspension and drive shaft, and completely prepare your sled for summer.

Tire Installation

We can help you with your new tire installations. Come by today!

Tire Repair

We use the right tools and techniques to dismount your tire and repair it from the inside.

Top End Engine Rebuild

Improve the fuel economy, efficiency, and overall performance of your ride with a top engine rebuild that includes the following:

-Valves, valve seats, shims, and guides
-Piston rings
-Cylinder wall hone
-De-carbonized combustion chambers
-Replacement head and base gaskets and seals
-R&R idler guide or tensioner
-New spark plugs

Tune Up

Full tune-ups are available year-round on all vehicles. Keep your machine running smoothly and extend its longevity. A full tune-up includes fluid changes, lubrication, adjustments, electrical maintenance, carburetion, a safety check, an overall performance check, and everything your vehicle needs to run smoothly.

Valve Adjustment

If your machine is performing poorly, starts hard, backfires, or has a noisy valve train, it may be time for a valve adjustment. The valves are timed to the piston movement via the timing chain and other components. If your valves are out of adjustment, the motor’s intake stroke, power stroke, or exhaust stroke may stop working correctly.

Wash and Detail

Wash and detail service includes a thorough cleaning of your vehicle and a wax application.

Winch Install

Bring in your ATV or UTV and allow us to install your new winch. Our experts will get you in and out in no time!

Windshield Installation

Our professionals service guys can install your windshield whether its for a motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Set up your appointment today.


Getting ready to park your motorcycle or ATV, UTV for the winter? Bring it to us so we can make sure everything is properly winterized and will be good as new when the warmer days roll around.