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Our master technicians are factory trained and certified. Whether it's regularly scheduled maintenance, full customization, or a tire/oil change, our technicians will get the job done skillfully and professionally. Our service departments have a combined total of more than 450 years of service experience.

+ FAST PICK-UP & DELIVERY - We can pick up and/or deliver your motorcycle, ATV, or side-by-side for much less than a towing service, saving you time and money.  Contact the Service Department for the price.

+ GREEN LANE SERVICE - Just let us know you're coming!

We offer what no other shop in the DC area can: fast service! If you need maintenance work—you know, tires replaced, oil, fluids, and filter changes, brake work, or other routine service items—we're your shop!

We can handle most walk-ins by the end of a business day, or if you like having a fixed appointment time, we can do that too!

+ NIGHT DROP - Night drop service is available for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. Just secure your vehicle in our parking lot, complete our night drop envelope, enclose the keys and drop through the security slot.

+ DISCOUNTED TIRES PLUS DISCOUNTED INSTALLATION - We don’t just Sell Tires at LOW LOW PRICES, we install them too! Call us TODAY!

+ DYNO RUNS, CUSTOM MAPPING, PERFORMANCE TUNING - We have the training and equipment to properly tune your bike for optimum power and performance. Available at our Woodbridge location.

+ REFLASH - Performance Reflash enhances the experience in every ride. Offering more power by eliminating factory restrictions, optimizing fuel, ignition & throttle mapping, increasing rev limit, and removing the top speed limiter. While delivering better response and control through eliminating the factory fuel cut-off and optimizing the off-throttle deceleration mapping. This reduces engine braking and delivers smoother more predictable on/off throttle transitions. Available at our Woodbridge location.

+ NITROGEN - Increases Safety, Improves Performance, Saves Time, Money, and Tires. Available at our Woodbridge location.

+ WINTER STORAGE - Let us keep your bike safe and sound this winter. Safe & secure, climate-controlled on-site storage ensures your motorcycle will start and be ready to ride when spring arrives. Available at our Falls Church location.

No worries, we'll show you why we're way better than them—it's all about the service! Obviously, CPS VIP customers get priority treatment, but we will honor valid factory warranties and service contracts ("extended warranties") sold by other dealers. Just show us your contract papers and we'll do our best to get you covered!

Use the online service request form to let us know your needs, and we'll confirm your visit in minutes!

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