SATURDAY April 1, 2023
Falls Church store only.

Auction Today! (3)


Units on display for preview by 11am and the Auction starts at 1pm
We will have motorcycles, scooters, trailers, and watercraft; from wreck jobs to custom cruisers, even Honda lawnmowers and golf carts can sometimes be found at our Annual Auction. This event will happen Rain or Shine. There will be a free lunch starting at noon. In addition to the auction, you will find great deals on accessories.

Registration to bid is FREE but you must register on-site, on the day of the auction and receive a bidder number.

Note to bidders & buyers: You must PAY for all units purchased on the day of the auction. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Buyers & Sellers: All units purchased or units that did not sell must be picked up within 10 days. Titles for units marked as Mechanic Lien Units can take up to 60 days. All other titles will be available in 30 days. If your title has more than one owner, BOTH must be present to sign the title over.

If you still have questions please call 703-237-3406 or email

Ready to Sell?

Are you ready to sell your motorcycle, ATV, Scooter, go-kart, watercraft, etc. in our powersports auction? Great! Here’s some info you’ll need:

  1. We use a professional auctioneer, and normally have about 300 registered bidders.
  2. There is a non-refunable fee of $25.00 to enter your vehicle in the auction – whether it sells or not.
  3. You can set a minimum selling price (reserve). If your vehicle sells, a commission charge of 10% (with amaximum of $750.00) is deducted from your proceeds when sold. We will be happy to help you set the reserve value.
  4. You must have a clear title to the vehicle you are selling at the time of registration.
    1. If it is not a titled vehicle, make sure you can prove ownership.
    2. Every on-road vehicle must have a title, every off-road vehicle since 2006 and every scooter since 2012 must have a title.
  5. Registration is easy: Sign your paperwork authorizing us to auction your unit and pay the $25 reg. fee. Click here to register as a seller online
  6. Drop it off before Friday, March 31st by 3pm.
    1. Bring the title and the keys when you drop off the unit.
    2. Also bring the owner’s manual, tool kit, and anything else that adds value to the vehicle.
  7. Click here to register your Vehicle: This form must be submitted once you register.

Coleman PowerSports reserves the right not to accept certain units.

You are more than welcome, actually encouraged, to register your vehicle in the auction as soon as possible. That way we can list your unit on our website and on in-store lists for maximum exposure. Complete our Auction Agreement form, then you can then wait and bring us the bike on Thursday or Friday just before the Auction day.

If you have questions about your vehicle or utility (we do accept lawnmowers!) being accepted, feel free to reach out: 703-237-3406 or email

Please note: If your unit sells funds are not released to sellers until the following Wednesday. If you have not signed all of the paperwork needed for the auction, you will need to do so before receiving your check.

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